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Vannas Blog

10 Best Penis Pumps for Men

Posted by Vanna V on May 15th 2018

For most men, penis appearance and performance always matter the most because of the fact that they want to satisfy their partners. Whether they admit it or not, their penises make them more masculine … read more

10 Best Penis Rings for Men

Posted by Vanna V on May 10th 2018

Pleasure rings can be off-putting at first glance. Why would you want to put a ring around your penis? What if you can't get it off of there once you do put it on?! And, what's with the ones that … read more

Choosing Vibrator Materials: Picking What Is Safe For You?

Posted by Vanna V on May 4th 2018

Many people find walking in an adult store, at least the first time, to be an overwhelming experience. There are all sorts of toys and products on the walls, shelves, from cut adorable toys, to more h … read more

How To Choose a Strap On

Posted by Vanna V on Apr 30th 2018

Strap on sex are not only for women everyone—male or female, gay or straight—can enjoy strap-on sex. Comfortable to wear and quite sexy, a harness allows for hands-free dildo fun. With so many harness … read more

Best Sex Toy Vibrators Designed and Controlled by SmartPhones

Posted by Vanna V on May 16th 2017

Here we carry unique sex toys that can be used for long-distance sex. Sexting is sorta fun, cyber sex can be much better, but there’s nothing quite like a sex toy to add some excitement to your sex li … read more